Monday, February 16, 2015

loved olde bones

One day at a neighborhood party our worlds collided. Even though we were just a few houses apart our lives had never crossed paths until that chilly fall afternoon. Our husbands were oddly alike, our children all the same ages and instantly we were more like sisters than friends. Together we rubbed our pregnant bellies and watched our children play as we talked hopes and dreams for the old bones that held together our homes. While our houses had been updated and loved, they lacked our personal style and we spent the summer simmering over our plans and our style.

"...the love, respect, and confidence of my children was the sweetest reward I could receive for my efforts to be the woman I would have them copy." 
Louisa May Alcott, Little Women

The funny thing about motherhood is it is a lot like style. You evolve as a mother. You're constantly growing, learning and being challenged. Val and I are blessed to share a lot of common ground. Long parenting days, sleepless nights, the woes we have as wives, sisters and daughters. We both adore walls flooded with family photographs. They tell the story of our evolving families. Like these galleries, we want our style to do the same. It is our hope that our style leaves a lasting imprint on our children and their style as well. We hope that you'll join us as we pour love and style into our nest, into our family and our friendship. We believe in finding your personal style and surrounding yourself in it. We also believe in surrounding yourself amongst friends who inspire and challenge your creative mind and we have every intention of doing that here!

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