Monday, February 23, 2015

Renovation Budgets

Expanding onto our existing home was one of the scariest, most intimidating and stressful experiences we've ever had together. On the flip side, it was the most awesome, rewarding and exciting experience as we watched our home transform to accommodate our growing family. With any home project we knew what we wanted, what we could afford and what our budget was. There was a lot on the "want" list but we had to scale back and find ways to make things happen without breaking the bank. 

Space and natural light were two things on the must list. We went on the hunt for ways to make our new addition open and full of bright, beautiful light. Fixtures, windows and doors add up quickly. When we started looking online and in stores our total was alarming. Something had to give. After a recommendation from a family member, we dropped our children off with their grandparents and we spent a few hours at Southern Sales Services. Everything changed design and budget wise for us after that. 

I had my heart set on a really large, deep sink. At Southern Sales we came across this KOHLER extra large sink. It is a undertone, single-basin undercounter sink. It retails for $900. We purchased it for $395. I love this sink so much and I am so glad we were able to find this for such a deal! Now, keep in mind when you purchase a large sink like this your cabinet below will need to be larger as well which can mean more money! We were okay with spending a bit more on the base since we had saved so much on the sink. Tina Robinson, our kitchen designer was awesome at making this sink work in the space she had designed for us. Don't worry...I'll be sharing how awesome she is on the blog soon!

Our favorite Southern Sales find is our french double doors in the family room. I love the light that pours into our living space. It just feels so much better to gather in a space that isn't dark or dreary. I also love being able to open both doors when we have parties or backyard dinners. There is something to be said for a good open space!

Our french doors with the built in windows above would normally retail for over $7,000. We paid $450. Did your jaw just drop? Mine did too when we found out how much we had saved. This was huge for us! It allowed us to invest in other areas of our addition like heated floors which increased our home value as well. Now obviously a warranty did not come with these doors so we carefully inspected them along with our contractor before having them installed.

Our sink and our french doors were just two of the ways we increased the value of our home and saved thousands. We honestly would have purchased more items for our home but shopping here does require time and patience. If you can invest both during your project the possibilities are endless. You see, contractors have a lot of extra material on their hands. They then sell their overstock to places like Southern Sales who then auctions off the items. Their auctions are held every four to six weeks. The auction is held on a Saturday and your preview and registration day is Friday. Please note that children are not allowed. So you'll need to leave your crew at home and have a little day date for yourselves! (Oh, darn right?!) If you can invest time on Friday to go browse their stock and find what you are looking for you can then make your list of items to tackle at the auction on Saturday. It is a long day but it is so worth it!

*This is the first post of many to come on ways we saved thousands on our home remodel and expansion. I was in no way paid for this post. This is one homeowner from another sharing something that made a huge difference for our family! If you'd like to learn more about the auction process please check out their website. If you are not local, search for a similar business in your area!

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