Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Happy Birthday London!

Last week was one crazy week. Somewhere between all the snow days and more snow days we had to pull off a first birthday celebration. Having three kids is no joke. There have been many days I questioned if I have completely lost all sanity. But in all honestly our little family would not be complete without this sweet little girl we call Lolo. I could go on forever about all the ways we love her. Like the way Leo used to stand guard over her at the gym and yell "Heyyyyy that's my baby!" whenever another child came near. Or how Charli would fall asleep on the table at Preschool because she was up all night singing London's Bridge to London every time she cried. In celebration of this feisty little redhead heres a snippet of her newborn session taken by the wonderful Tracy Marshall. Happy first birthday London Joan! 

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