Monday, April 27, 2015

Bokeh Baby

Spring brings color to our wardrobe but it also does wonders for photography. This time of the year all of the blooms create this drop dead gorgeous background all around us. When the light hits the blurred bloomy backdrop just right you get crazy beautiful bokeh. I had some down time with just Ella last week so we had some fun in the front yard. You can see I was able to caputure some bokeh and you still have some time to capture your kiddos too as the last blooms unfold. Head outside around dinner time while the light is soft and warm. Make sure you have a tree with lots of blooms either around your child on the ground or hanging around them. There are plenty of bushes with tons of color right now too so those are also an option. There is so much beauty outdoors! Find petals that match your home decor. This will make the pictures on your wall, desk or mantle pop! You know what Val always says..."Find your style and surround yourself in it!"

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