Wednesday, June 17, 2015

what i shoot with

I'm always asked how I became a photographer. Well, this little number above is what sparked my attention. She was a gift from my husband on my first mothers day. We had this beautiful little baby boy and I didn't want to ever forget a single detail of his babyhood, his childhood and everything in between as he grew. It was the perfect camera to capture his busy little self. The images were sharper than your average family camera and it was fast enough to catch him sharply too. If you're looking to invest in a camera I will always cast my vote for her because well...she sparked the flame that led to making big dreams come true. I eventually upgraded as I turned into a business and then again as I learned more and more about photography and explored the Nikon world.  

Listen, I believe in two things. Really great pictures and getting in the picture. So I will always recommend investing in a great family camera but make sure you invest in a really awesome photographer too who reflects your personal style and can capture you with your family! Find your style and surround yourself in it!

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