Thursday, October 15, 2015

ORC Week 2- Play table, Play Chairs and Rugs OH MY!

Hello! Welcome to week 2 of the One Room Challenge...I am participating as a guest this Fall and I have to say this is exactly the kick in the butt I needed to get my half finished playroom finished! For those of you just joining in, the One Room Challenge was started when Linda of Calling it Home asked 20 design bloggers to completely transform in just 6 weeks. Every Wednesday they post their progress and/or hold ups and give you a inside look at what designing a room with a tight deadline really looks like. Have you ever heard the saying "Great design takes time?" Well these bloggers seriously put that phrase to the test, head on over to Calling it Home to see for yourself!

Ok so this week I wanted to post about my changes in the original design plan. When I first started dreaming up this space I wanted it to be very gender neutral so my poor middle child Leo could escape the pink that seems to creep into every aspect of his life... Sorry bud I tried but I just couldn't keep with my original monochromatic plan. I need some color in my life!! Plus I found my dream rug   for 70% off last week on Rugs Direct and well that just means it was meant to be.  I also picked up the perfect pair of play chairs from RH Baby & Child. I love the idea of moroccan poufs for seating but if I'm going to be completely honest with myself, the kids would like them way too much and then the old chairs would never get used. And I have to keep them in the design for budget purposes.  Now all thats missing is storage, new curtains, artwork and accessories. Here is what I am thinking as far as that goes...

It really isn't much different than my original plans, but that rug just adds the perfect pop of color. Since the playroom opens right into our living room, I really needed to find something to tie in with all my blues. Gosh that rug just makes me so freaking happy. 

So once my online shopping binge is over, it is back to work on the accent wall. I still haven't finished painting it all but I did find the perfect white, so thats progress. Hopefully next week I will have it completed to show you all a step by step tutorial on how we got the look. In the meantime heres a little round up of what I picked up so far! Also my apologies on the crappy quality, my laptop will not turn on so I'm stuck with Iphone 4 images for now. Thanks for reading!! 


  1. Your mood board is gorgeous! Love everything. Can't wait to see more.

  2. Ooh ooh, I do love that rug! Glad fate intervened. The animals are fantastic, too! Looking forward too seeing more!

  3. This is going to be gorgeous! I cannot wait to see the final finished product.



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