Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Picking your Pad with Rug Pads USA

During the One Room Challenge USA Rug Pad had reached out to me asking if I would review one of their pads on the blog. Being a brand new blogger I was beyond thrilled that they found me let alone wanted me to review product! And the timing really could not have been more perfect. I just ordered THE RUG. You know that show stopper of a Surya Zahara that I can't stop talking about... the kids were doing their usual laps around the house. I swear 5:00 hits and its like our own mini version of the traveling circus. The ring leader, Charli rounded the corner of the playroom, caught the rug corner that folded up beneath her, and BOMB. Face plant. That was the moment when I thought "Man I guess I need a rug pad." 

As if on cue, USA Rug Pad contacted me that very same week to try out one of their pads and I must say there have been no more face plants ever since! But in all seriousness, it may be a tiny detail that most people over look, but rug pads are so important in not only making your space safe, but more comfortable beneath those tiny toes. USA Rug Pad is not only super affordable but made of all natural materials. Which is always a win- win in my book.  Right now USA Rug Pad is holding a Holiday Sale for 20% off all rug pads. There are tons of options to choose from depending on your flooring types and needs, so be sure to head to their site to check out all of those options. Thanks for reading and thank you to USARugpads for sponsoring this post.

London's sitting pretty on our 100% Felt Rug Pad

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