Thursday, February 4, 2016

Etsy Style

I'm having a major art moment lately. Like as in all of my walls are way too blank and I need to add artwork to them immediately. The girlier the better.  Since I am still in the hand me down phase of life, dropping two grand on one stunning piece just isn't in the picture. Thank god for Etsy. These pieces have stolen my heart and I will not stop obsessing until they are mine. All mine. Be sure to check out these artist shops this weekend! 

 These Vanessa Paxton prints are like a bad boyfriend, I keep telling myself I don't need them. But I always find myself scrolling through my phone late at night to see them just one more time. 
   Leigh Viner's pictures are so chic and sexy, I almost don't want to hang them where my 3 year old can see. Currently searching out the perfect frames for these two. Ill post my progress soon.

Pillows by Arianna Belle and Moroccan pouf make my heart pitter patter. I'd happily take these as a Valentines gift instead of flowers (hint hint Tom).

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