Thursday, March 24, 2016

Hello Spring

Every Spring I find myself wandering room to room ready to redecorate everything in sight. I'm the definition of out with the old in with the new each season. Unfortunately redecorating each season is just not within my reach. I mean who really has the time and money to do that?! Here are my three favorite ways to get my home ready for Spring without breaking the bank. Who says designers can't be frugal?

1. Pick fresh blooms
OK this one might be a no brainer for most. But flowers are not just for anniversaries. I make sure to pick up a bouquet of garden roses each week just because. Whole Foods and Trader Joes are my favorite spots in Annapolis to buy them for less than $20. And once those flowers start blooming outside send the kids out and let them go to town! Nothing makes me happier than seeing lopsided flower arrangements my daughter makes for me scattered around the house.
Florals above by Joie Designs.

2. Switch out your textiles
I'm a big believer in neutral furniture and walls with pops of color pulled in with pillows and rugs. It makes it super simple to change up your look when you get bored. And my husband doesn't freak out quite as much when he sees a new pillow on the sofa versus a new sofa in the living room. I'm currently loving blush pink against my blue love seat and can't wait to get some of these babies in my life.

All pillows for sale thru Studio Mcgee

3. Rearrange your space
I was looking through pictures earlier tonight and it made me laugh seeing all the mini makeovers my living room has endured the past 3 years. Whenever I get the urge to make a major purchase for the house, I rearrange my existing furniture instead. I swear it keeps my online shopping at bay for a couple of weeks. There are so many versatile pieces on the market right now. And if you stick with the same color scheme throughout your home it will be easy to switch sofas or chairs out from one room to another. Here my latest living room arrangement on our Instagram... The white sofa has been moved up from the basement for atleast the 5th time this year. My husband just loves doing it too:)

I hope your having fun getting your house ready for Spring. Those little touches make all the difference. Share your homes new look with us on IG  #styleyourspace. Thanks for reading!

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