Thursday, September 15, 2016

Four Ways to Style Living Room Furniture

Forget all the rules for arranging and styling living room furniture—there’s no need to push all the couches against a wall or make sure that every seating spot faces the television. A polished and functional living room doesn’t have to abide by any laws. In fact, the more fearless and funky the arrangement, the more room for creative energy and play. After all, the living room is a space for kids, pets, family and friends and needs to be a zone for love and laughter.

Here are four inventive ways to style living room furniture for an aesthetically appealing space:

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For small apartments, condos or townhomes, space may be limited in the central living areas. Embracing the size of a space is a prudent way to achieve design bliss. A couch facing the dining table offers an unexpected twist on a traditional living room layout. Perfect for creating one big conversation corner, this blended room is modern and chic.

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Ditch the idea of having a couch or sofa as mandatory living room furniture and instead opt for a quad of plush armchairs. Set in a circle, this seating area is cozy and relaxed while giving guests and family incentive to put down electronic devices and instead share stories or reminisce in a roundabout.

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While many people stage their home furnishings to face a focal point, typically a television or fireplace, they neglect the opportunity to create a family focused space. Positioning furniture face to face is an ideal way to encourage bonding and socializing. The use of two armchairs facing a single sofa is a smart design strategy for creating a space conducive to conversation.

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A modern living room can include inventive grouping of furniture. A chaise lounge, formal armchair, small bench and privacy screen create a trendy and unconventional space. Ideal for apartment dwellers or artsy types, this furniture arrangement offers enough seating to host intimate gatherings and small parities without feeling crowded. Angling furniture in a corner creates an even cooler style statement.

Guest Post by Amy Spagnola for LuxeDecor

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