Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Great Debate: Marble vs Quartz

In the spirit of politics I thought I'd host my own little debate on Olde Town Style today. The topic? Marble countertops vs Quartz. We are deep in the throes of selecting finishes for our kitchen remodel that will begin in November and we just keep coming back to this topic. Which countertop is best? Marble has been getting a lot of backlash for its high maintenance nature, so much so that a lot of companies like Cambria have manufactured their own "marble look" countertops in quartz. These options replicate the natural beauty of marble but as a non-porous material they do not stain or etch like marble can. They come in a variety of options with deep grey veins or all white backgrounds with just a spot of grey. Here are some of my favorite quartz looks. 


Yes I know that they look very similar but in reality they are so different from one another.
This is how I like to break it down for my husband to understand. You know those girls who can turn heads without an ounce of makeup on? They are just so naturally beautiful that you can't help but wish you had the same flawless skin and perfect bouncy hair. And then you have the girls that appear to be flawless, but in reality they are so highlighted and contoured that is is hard to tell where her check bones stop and her nose really begins? Yes they are beautiful but every line is painstakingly drawn in place that its almost a little too predictable? That is exactly how I feel about marble vs quartz. Yes both can be beautiful but I'm just a natural beauty kind of gal. But on the flip side I do have 3 kids who are constantly spilling everything and climbing the counters like little spider monkeys... gahhhh Im so torn! I think the real debate is do I choose pretty over practical??? 
Whats your vote?!

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