Wednesday, November 23, 2016

It's Demo Time!!!

This week is the week. All of my kitchen obsessing is finally coming to life! We are currently in the process of ripping out our old kitchen and knocking down some walls! I wasn't going to blog about the whole process but when I was designing the kitchen the past few months I can't tell you how many little questions I had come up. I thought I had it all figured out design wise but I really needed help figuring out how to make all the details work. There were so many amazing blogs that I came across that made all of those tough decisions we had to make so much easier. So here comes the long winded design plans with some pretty (ugly) before pictures: Charli was kind enough to help take us on a tour of the house before we tore it up to help you visualize the changes we are making. And yes we are replacing all of the popcorn ceilings while we are at it. My heart couldn't be happier about it.
The living room will be staying the same with the exception of some updated drapes and RH Sofa

The Entry Hall leads right into the old kitchen with those lovely blue tiles....
We plan on widening the opening and replacing the floors.

Say goodbye to those popcorn ceilings..WAHOO!

This opening from the living room will now open up into the main workmen of the new kitchen so I can keep and eye on the kiddos while I am busy cooking.

This is the wall that will be coming down to double our space. Basically everything in this kitchen will be ripped out with the exception of our dishwasher that was just updated.

This will become all floor to ceiling pantry storage with a super message center/storage space on the side of the pantry for all the kid paraphernalia to hide. 

The old dining space will become the new playroom with a mini face lift on the fireplace. Those floors are also a goner.

My new sink window that will be home to my new 36" farmhouse sink. Dirty dishes watch out.

This will be my new view from the kitchen. Minus the chandelier which will be moving into the girls room. 

1. We are taking out the wall that stands between the current kitchen and dining room. Making the new kitchen begin in the dining area and extend all the way down to where our old kitchen ends. This essentially will double our space! Despite that doubled space the room is still only 12' wide which led to our first dilemma do we have enough space for an island? Since technically you need 36" minimum on either side of the island and the base cabinets come out 26" on either side, we were having a really tough time making an island work in our design.  We would only be able to fit a long skinny thing at about 21"w x 72"l which to mean looked kind of silly in our design plans. But the kids have a tendency of climbing my legs while Im making dinner so I really still wanted a place for them to go sit while Mama is getting busy in the kitchen. So after many long drawn out discussions about it and  taping the crap out of our floors to get a better feel of our work flow, we decided to take the island out of our cabinet order in hopes of finding a fun accent piece that can be moveable when we entertain. We can still put some small stools around it for the kids to sit which will make me happy, but it will all be totally moveable when we need a larger pass of egress.

Image via

2. Which led me to my second dilemma, where would the beautiful Hicks pendants I had picked out to go over the island go? Still deliberating on that one, right now I think my best idea is to hang one pendant over our sink window as accent lighting. The new kitchen window is a beast coming in at 42"w x 70"l so there is plenty of space for a the small Hicks pendant from Circa Lighting to go, hopefully it will look something like this.

Image Via

3. To stack or not to stack? I have been loving all of the kitchen designs with 3 stacked drawers as the base in place of the typical door and drawer top base, but how much is too much? Apparently not enough with me because I decided to have mostly all of my base cabinets ordered this way. The bottom drawers are deep enough to fit my larger appliances so to me it was a a no brainer. I can't tell you how much stuff I have found shoved in the back of my base cabinets that I have completely forgotten I even owned. The base drawers will all pull out which will make organization in the kitchen a breeze. No more rearranging the entire cabinet every time I want to reach the quesadilla maker!
Image via
4. Speaking of organization this new design will have lots of fun hiding places built in to cut back on countertop clutter. In order to make our house really work for us my number one request was a storage space for the never ending school papers to go. I am constantly putting permission slips and homework papers "away" only to find my self frantically running around searching for that item the very next morning. The kids already think I am crazy, so the less running and yelling I do in the morning the better:) We decided to splurge for the Kraftmaid media storage cabinets to go on the side of our pantry and I can not freaking wait to organize our life in this amazing little cabinet.
We are also adding some fun features like a knife cutting drawer and an appliance garage to shield the coffee maker and microwave. To me having those items out of view will just make our kitchen feel more put together than it has ever looked before. Fingers crossed I can keep it that way...

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