Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Design Details...

I'm past due on a renovation update of our kitchen. Weeks 3 & 4 zoomed by and everything went exactly as scheduled so we were all set for cabinets delivery this week! And oh my gah I have never seen so many boxes in my life. The kids are enjoying themselves with this box utopia, I on the other hand and wondering how to heck we are going to install all of this and clean up in 5 days?! Oh and unpack, place and install all the appliances that are being delivered on Friday. I know I planned this to be completed by Christmas... but what the heck was I thinking?! Our Christmas tree actually looks ridiculous sitting on top of floor covering, surrounded by cardboard kingdom. So to distract myself from my sudden urge to purge ALL OF THESE BOXES, I wanted to share with you all the other fun details I have planned for the surrounding spaces. The whole first floor just feels so open now that wall is out, I added on some more design details to the front living room and back dining/playroom to  make the whole house more harmonic. 

First up, paint colors! It's no secret that I have become smitten with the all white interiors popping up all over Instagram lately, but I always stayed away from white since my walls were so jacked up and white is not at all friendly with drywall bumps. (Think about how your 30 year old butt might look  squeezed into those white jeggings you wore all the time in high school... the cellulite would have no where to hide!) But now that my walls are all smooth and toned (unlike my butt) I can totally paint them white because my walls no longer have flaws. The entire back of the house will be painted  BM Chantilly Lace in Eggshell for the walls and Satin Pearl for the trim.  Here are some similar looks in this color: 
 Image via Studio Mcgee
Image via Studio Mcgee

Now for the details. I came across this image on Instagram and obsessed over it for days before I took the plunge and purchased BM Cobblestone Path for the two doors that face the dining area/ playroom. I have never loved a paint color more. It really is the perfect blue/gray that just pops so perfectly against the Chantilly Lace walls and trim. I'll post a picture once the hardware is back up!

Naturally I am obsessed with those whitewashed beams as well so my fireplace that is in the same room as my accent doors will be getting a similar treatment as the one below. 

Images Via Kate Marker Interiors

Now onto the living room. This room has 15 ft vaulted ceilings and tons of natural light. It is already in pretty good shape so I originally wasn't planning on doing much to this room except for adding new door trim to the openings we widened. But the drywall guys went to town smoothing all of the walls so I have to repaint. And while I'm painting why not add an entire wall of shiplap?!  The TV wall really is kind of blah and adding shiplap will draw the eye up to the tall ceilings that are no longer covered in popcorn stucco. Still debating on the paint color of this room, right now I'm leaning towards BM color of the year Simply White. 

 Image Via Artisan Signature Homes
 Image Via Decorpad.com
 Image via ChrislovesJulia.com

Last but not least (Yes dear husband I'm talking to you) the trim details! I am a huge fan of Craftsman style trim so we are trimming out both kitchen windows, both doorways and maybe a few more depending on if we can rip out the old stuff that came with the self trimming door and windows. So possibly another 3 doors and 3 windows casings. I am freaking ecstatic over this. Our home seriously lacks any architectural details, hence my obsession with adding some craftsman style charm.

 Images Via Windsorone.com
Image Via Tealandlime.com

 Tom on the other hand has more of a frugal take on this matter. He wanted to keep the old baseboard molding and leave the windows how they are. Umm no. Design is in the details and carrying those details throughout our house not only makes the whole space feel finished, it will really pay off in resale value if we ever decide to sell. Cause lets be honest as soon as our house looks perfect, I'll want to move and start all over again. Anyway, I can't wait to see all of these design plans come to life over the next couple weeks and hope you all keep checking back to see the progress. Happy Holidays and thank you for reading Olde Town Style.

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