Thursday, December 8, 2016

Kitchen Renovation Diaries Week 2

Week 2 of our semi DIY kitchen remodel has officially come to an end (well about a week ago). The wall between the old kitchen and dining room has come down along with all of the popcorn ceilings. We debated on keeping the old ceilings and scraping the stucco off but ultimately decided they had to go since we needed to get in there to run new school lighting. The floors on the other hand were a nightmare to take out!! The plywood underlay was screwed into the subfloor which made it impossible to get up without a fight. But Tom worked his magic until every last chard of ceramic tile was smashed and scraped. We are officially living with just subfloor and the kids think they are going to fall thru the ceiling every time they hear a squeak. Good times;) All has gone surprisingly well minus Niagra Falls  coming through the basement when we tried to relocate a pipe. Len the Plumber came to the rescue on Black Friday which cost us a pretty penny, but luckily I am one smart cookie and factored those hiccups into the budget... dare I say we might be able to pull this off on time and on budget? Im still waiting on all of our lighting and other goodies to arrive so be sure to check Instagram on our progress! Thanks for reading guys!

Update on the current situation since it takes me a week to a actually put together a post:

Doesn't it look so much bigger?! I can not wait to put some paint on those walls!!

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