Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Creating your Dream Closet with Arhaus

Have you ever thought about what your dream closet would look like? I mean really thought about what it would be at the core before all the beautiful clothes and shoes have arrived? I know it sounds crazy to think about a dream closet with out the dream wardrobe, so when Arhaus reached out to me and asked me this same question it got my design juices buzzing. 

A dream closet is so much more than a place to get ready in the morning. It is every woman ultimate escape from reality, into a world thats truly our own. Where we are surrounded by beauty and style. Every closet needs more than just clothes. In my dream closet I would be surrounded by beautiful lighting. I have a personal obsession with chandeliers so naturally that would be my go to for illuminating the perfect light in my space. Pendant lights are another  great option when selecting lighting to add a touch of glamour. Arhaus currently has a great collection of pendant lighting that would look glamorous in any room!

Next I would need that perfect place to sit and kick off my shoes (Louboutins of course).  Here is where I am a little torn, do I do bold and fabulous or soft and femme for seating? Either way I would need an accent bench for my little people to gather around while Mommy gets ready. Is it just me or is it way more fun picking out an outfit when you have a two year old picking out accessories for you? I linked some of my favorite seating options on my Pinterest here.

Now its time for storage. Oh my storage makes me happy in some strange sort of way. I would obviously have to have custom floor to ceiling built ins just for shoes. The back of the shelves would have some fantastic wallpaper or venetian mirrors to reflect light. Because whats a dream closet without tons of natural light? My clothing racks would be color coded because Im OCD like that. Tops on top, skirts then pants... you get the picture. Then I would have to have an accent piece of furniture to store  all my diamonds (because this is a dream closet remember?) My accent piece would also have other fun accessories like trays to house my shades and vases for fresh blooms.

Sources: Rachel Parcell closet design by Alice Lane Home

Above: Emily Jacksons closet designed by Alice Lane Home

All photos from Alice Lane Home 
Image via Anthropologie

Pulling from those images as my inspiration, I created two looks for my dream closet with Arhaus. My first look is for those whose style leans towards Modern Glamour. I love the Parisian influences in the antiqued mirror and crystal chandelier. While the plush velvets paired with this showstopper rug add a dose of bohemian rhapsody. The brass details of the chair legs in their geometric form can stand strong alone but create more drama as a pair. Especially with that gorgeous pop of jade in between.

Get the Look: Mirrors, Chandelier, Armchair, Bench, Rug, Tray

My second look goes out to the ladies who just ooze elegance. The sweet simplicity of the French Art Deco chandelier paired with the super femme sheepskin chair set an ethereal tone. This gold gilt mirror takes the cake for best vanity mirror in my book. Add warm wood tones, soft shags and a tufted ottoman and you could get lost for days in this closet.

Get the Look: Lighting, Mirror, Lamps, Rug, Chairs, Dresser, Artwork1, Artwork2, Artwork3

I hope you all enjoyed reading about my DREAM CLOSET as much as I enjoyed fantasizing about it. Thank you to Arhaus for giving me good reason to day dream about my two favorite things, great design and great clothes! If you haven't checked out an Arhaus store yet be sure to stop by next time you are in Annapolis.  Thanks for reading!

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