Wednesday, February 15, 2017

London's Love Fest

This week I wanted to share a little party I threw for my youngest, London. She is turning 3 next week and since February is such a crazy month for us, I decided to combine her  birthday party with Valentines Day. Target had so many cute decorations this year that it really came together pretty quickly! I already had most of the Valentines decorations up (you can read that post here) so all that was left to do was put together a kid friendly menu and set up the cookie decorating station. Since I knew there would be a few little ones attending, I decided to clear to playroom so they had room to roll and get diapers changed:) Plus it was the perfect floor space for the short lived hot potato game we attempted! The big kids had fun taking pictures with our silly photo props, decorating heart cookies and consuming way too much sugar. All pictures were taken during the quiet before the storm by the lovely Tracy Marshall... and when I say storm I really mean fire! I swear every year we have something catastrophic happen at a birthday party. And this year takes the cake... we actually had a mini house fire when all the guest were arriving! A hand towel in the bathroom had fallen into a candle that I had lit on the sink.  The whole entire turkish towel was burnt to a crisp by the time I ran in with the fire extinguisher. Luckily no one was hurt or too spooked by it so we aired out the house and kept the party rolling. It just goes to show that all the party planning in the world is never enough when it comes to throwing kid parties. So please enjoy all the pretty pictures below knowing that my life is and always will be complete chaos. But as long as the kids are happy I'm not complaining:) Thanks for reading and Happy 3rd Birthday to London Joan!

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