Friday, March 10, 2017

Marble vs Quartz Part 2

Hello loves! I have been getting a ton of questions on Instagram lately about my countertops and it reminds me that I never did a follow up on my Marble vs Quartz debate (you can read Part 1 of the great debate here). I decided to go with honed Volakas marble from In Home Stone with a Dupont edge. We have been living with it for close to 2 months now and you know what? I FREAKING LOVE IT!!! You CAN live happily with marble... even with three little ones. I swear I had at least 18 different people tell me that I was crazy for wanting marble when I was designing our kitchen. Most of them were fellow design students or contractors. I was so conflicted. I knew I would never be able to recreate the natural beauty of marble with the manufactured quartz. I was just so worried that I would be a freaking psycho about the countertops if we went with Marble. I am happy to report that this has not been the case whatsoever!! Yes I have had my moments, like the time when my husband left the wet bottle of Dawn soap on the counter over night, I might of had some choice words for him the next morning ;) But for the most part even if there is a blemish or a spot on the counters I just wipe it up with warm soapy water and the spot completely fades once it is dry. Not sure if thats the sealant working its magic or if marbles really isn't as fussy as everyone makes her out to be. But its kind of cool to watch the watermarks magically disappear.  I do have two rings by the sink but I swear you only notice the if you bent down just right and squint. Not a big deal, right? Here are my tips for taking care of your marble countertops. They really not as scary as some might think.

1. Don't leave wet soap out on the countertops overnight. Like my dear husband. That WILL leave a  mark. But DO use warm soapy water to wipe down countertops. I usually just do this with a non-abrasive towel and then dry them off before I set anything on top of them again.

2. Wipe up as you cook. Call me OCD but I actually like cleaning as I cook. The kids usually go crazy after dinner so if I leave a mess behind before we sit down and eat its usually a few hours before I get around to cleaning. The less time wet or acidic things rest on your marble the less likely they will leave a mark. So clean as you go!

3. Decorate your heart out. This is a big one for me. So many people think that just because you have marble you can't put anything on your counters. This is so NOT true! My marble makes the perfect backdrop for all of my decorative pieces. And with the whiter background its easy to mix and match other colors as your accent colors. My color of the moment is blush, obviously:)

4. Make sure to seal your marble every 6 months. This might be the one that sets off your high maintenance alarm, but your marble should be resealed every 6 months. I like to compare it to a good carpet cleaning.  I don't think twice about getting our carpets professionally cleaned every couple of months, so why not do the same with your marble? Do most people actually do this? Probably not. Will I? Ask me again in 6 months...

5. Take lots of pictures and enjoy this natural beauty! I am so glad we decided to go with marble over quartz. I was definitely nervous about marble's fussy reputation at first.  Once we started living in our kitchen and it didn't betray me like everyone promised it would, I can honestly say I have no regrets. Plus we saved thousands of dollars using this marble instead of other man-made quartz options.

Further proof that marble is totally comparable with small children. Naked bootys and all!! I hope this follow up helped anyone who might be on the fence on whether they should go with marble! I swear I have been taking more pictures of my kitchen than my own children lately. Be sure to follow me on Instagram for more sneak peeks of my latest design projects. And hopefully a full before and after reveal... we are just a few projects away! Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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